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Roberta Brown - The Mindful Mum of London

Hi, I'm Roberta

As a Motivational Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Coach (and a human being first and foremost) I love to improve people’s lives by teaching the skills I’ve learnt from my studies of mindfulness and meditation and by sharing my own life experiences.

I was introduced to Mindfulness in my early 20s by Psychiatrist Dr Brenda Davies. I fell in love with Mindfulness when I suffered my first mental health breakdown. I eventually developed my own mindfulness toolkit which continues to help me in my own development, my inner strength and self-acceptance.

Roberta Brown - The Mindful Mum of London

In 2013, I qualified as a Mindfulness Teacher after completing the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher Development TT1 Programme taught by Dr Patrizia Collard

After working privately for many years I took a change of direction due to the impact of Covid. The effects of the pandemic on mental health have been, and still are, everpresent. In 2020 I decided to build a community where I would be able to produce and offer free daily content that could help as many people as possible. Using the skills I had learnt together with my own methods of how to cope during times of difficulty I slowly began creating content on Instagram. For those needing a more personalised support (one to one) I created an affordable rate where all workshops and daily content were free of charge. Today you can still access lots of free content and join me live every week day at 7am.

In late November 2020 The Mindful Mum of London Instagram account officially began @themindfulmumoflondon. My vision was to ensure there was a safe space for women to come and learn life skills using mindfulness as their tool. People from all over began to connect, heal and share their experiences, and suddenly there was a glimmer of hope for many, and so I continued. 

Through frequent Instagram Lives, Zoom workshops, masterclasses and online coffee mornings I have become quite busy, but it doesn’t stop there. I truly enjoy messaging all of you individually and will continue to do all I can so that your mind is nourished and drenched in self care, guilt free.


You will always find me full of empathy, warmth and sometimes a little joke if appropriate, so that even if you may not know me personally, I hope you will feel like we are good friends.

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