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Mindfulness Circle
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We were never supposed to do it alone

The 8 Week Motivational Mindful Circle

The Circle

The Mindful Circle is for you if you would like to improve your life by:

  • Reducing the constant chatter in your brain (120,000 thoughts a day!)

  • Learning to let things go and be as they are

  • Ending the cycle of negative repetitive thinking

  • Learning how to make the most of our 22,000 breaths a day

  • Developing strong and healthy boundaries

  • Learning how to respond skillfully rather than reacting

  • Learning how to understand and practise self care

  • Developing a sense of self-confidence

  • Aligning your personality with your purpose

  • Turning wounds into wisdom and tragedies into triumphs


The Mindful Circle is your opportunity to learn how to live intentionally.


  • A place to intentionally learn life skills which include mindfulness exercises to help you pay attention to the present moment 

  • An opportunity to learn how to manage thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations rather than being overwhelmed by them.

  • A lesson to Wake Up To Life, most of us are sleepwalking awake.

  • Become motivated to be completely at home in your own body and mind.

  • Understand what reason brought you here.

  • Weekly guided meditations that work for you with a homework booklet

  • Constant encouragement and love from your SISTA CIRCLE

  • Tools to provide you with essential skills to use throughout your life, the joyful times and suffering.

  • A healing experience to set you on your way to not get over past difficulties but coming to terms with whatever is or has passed.

  • Realising you are much bigger than the straight jacket stories you often repeat.

  • The rewiring of the brain's neurons will enable you to live a healthier life which we discuss during the 8 weeks

  • Support outside of the sessions for the duration of the 8 weeks

  • A follow up Zoom 6 weeks later

  • A private WhatsApp Group for those who wish to stay in touch.


So, that’s it… wake up, get uncomfortable, be brave by becoming vulnerable and if you do the work with me you will see life with very different eyes which results in a more joyful existence. 


The Mindfulness Circle with The Mindful Mum of London

What's Included?

  • 8 x two-hour LIVE weekly interactive Circle sessions

  • Outside-of-session calls and texts from The Mindful Mum whenever you need it

  • 8 handouts to study between sessions, 8 homework tasks set for you by The Mindful Mum

  • Weekly guided meditations for your daily practice

  • Course Homework Booklet to keep track of your progress

  • Constant encouragement and love from the women in the Circle

The greatest investment you'll ever make is in yourself. Why wait?

There are only 10 places available.


I'm not new to mindfulness but I felt the need to get back on track with the practice. When I came across Roberta and her course I just knew she was the teacher to guide me's rare to find an enthusiastic teacher who gets the true essence of mindfulness. The connect that Roberta has with her students is honest genuine and real....wherever you are Roberta meets you there and holds the space for you to grow with warmth, experience and laughter.

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