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Humanity In The Workplace

Here's a question for you...

What do you think will be the ultimate test of how well you have lived your life?

Here's my answer I believe if you get to the end of your life and nobody thinks well of you, it will be irrelevant how big your bank account is or was, it will simply mean your life was totally worthless.

Here's another question for you.

What key principles do you believe make a business owner/ boss ethical?

Here's my answer and here is an image of my late Dad at the start of his career. GREAT MAN...hope you can see the photo taken from a book that he published.

Here's  my answer and here is an image of my late Dad at the start of his  career.

My answer comes from learning from my own father who I believe was the most ethical, KINDEST, INTELLIGENT AND HONEST person, not just in business but in life. He was successful as a human being, as a business man etc... ( I have this awful habit of digressing).

My answer also comes from being involved with 'NON' ethical and 'DIS' honest people, not by choice I have you know. Those people will remain nameless but yet it was these people who taught me a great deal. In fact it was the 'dishonest people' that gave me the biggest acceleration to become even better than I ever thought I could be. I've always loved making people happy and so to the people, who, if they are reading this, and they will know who they are have contributed to helping me be even more determined to help others... I thank you for showing me the ugly side as it has made me want to work even harder.

I realise people clearly still need educating when it comes to acting with morality. LOVE THIS. So, enough of my ranting... ( MIND YOU, I do feel better now)

This isn't going to be a long article because the rules of being ethical in business are straightforward. I am going to make a short list of the 5 key ingredients I feel are relevant and then I will give you a brief reason as to what made me write this article. There are obviously lots more qualities I could list but for starters these are my top few favourites. Before I list this, I am thinking to myself whether it is possible that some people may just not know how to implement these qualities. For whatever reason, maybe some people have had poor role models in their lives, so there is no judgement here (well maybe a bit as I loathe liars) so as an optical retail rainmaker and a person who is deeply passionate about helping others be the best they can be, message me if you need help. I will gladly chat to you about your business and your team.


  • HONESTY. Be honest and truthful in all your dealings by not misleading or deceiving others. Do not be 'selective' with the truth. If you want to know more about how you can be honest then drop me a message.

  • INTEGRITY. Do the right thing even when there is great pressure to do otherwise. Be a person of principle and honour.

  • LOYALTY. Demonstrate TRUST to all people. Support and devote yourself to your team. NEVER disclose information learned in confidence for personal advantage. Be loyal to all team members and to the companies who supply your business. Did you know that the word LOYAL comes from the old french word 'loial' which means something like "legal," but if someone is only loyal to you because the law requires so, well then in my book that's not true loyalty. TRUE LOYALTY comes from the heart, not a contract. LOYALTY is my most favourite quality in a person and yet I think I only know 3 very loyal people. SAD BUT TRUE

  • LAW ABIDING. Good business owners abide by laws, rules and regulations relating to their business activities. END OF...

  • PROMISE-KEEPING This is basically business owners keeping their word and delivering what they say they will deliver. In doing so this creates a wheel of trust. A great boss will never have to make justifications for escaping from their commitments.


Not so long ago, a young teenage boy visited one of the practices I was working in. This young boy was with a carer and this young boy was an asylum seeker and was booked in for a sight test. On his arrival the owner of the business realised that he was not yet entitled to a free NHS eye test as his forms had not yet been processed.

Sadly, I was absent this day.

The 'Optometrist' who was present that day had the allocated time slot available as this young boy was booked in for his appointment like I said. BUT, the owner of the business turned this teenage boy and carer away until they were able to bring in the correct NHS paperwork.


Ok, for arguments sake this teenage boy may have needed glasses and then we wouldn't have been able to use a voucher, but surely as a human being, you don't turn a teenager away or do you ? Mitigating circumstances often arise. I would have taken £20 out of my pocket and given it to the owner of the business as clearly it is only money that drives this person.

I realised when I heard this story that yes after several months I had already tripled the turnover of this practice but yet I HAD FAILED in teaching the owner how to be human and so it is for this reason and this reason alone I will find this young teenager and treat him to an eye test and I will just go without coffees and croissants for a week. I hope the person responsible for turning away this teenage boy who is without a family, a mother, a father, a home realises how it reflects on the type of person he/she is.

Take time to ask yourself that if this teenager was your child how would you want him/ her to be treated.

I am so very disappointed in this lack of humanity and this is only one story of many and if you read the last sentence of PROMISE KEEPING this is my point. This business owner will say 'it wasn't like that, or its not black and white' Oh... but it so is. BE KIND, and remember my father and yes I keep referring back to him as he came from nothing financially and he gave so many people free tests (not under the NHS) he gave his time and he made so many people glasses free of charge and guess what ?

He had 24 practices, 2 factories and was still successful as a business man but more than that, HE was a HUMANITARIAN and my Dad who I miss greatly. To you Dad, you taught me well and I will strive always to continue being the best I can be.

Off to walk my dogs now xxx

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